Duo of  Prawn and Lentil Patties and Rosemary Scallop.  8.75

Chicken three ways- oregano, paprika, rapeseed oil; green herbs; trio cheese. 8.50

Pigeon Salad, Cheese sambol (caramalised onion with cheese) and black garlic. 9.75


Scottish Salmon smoked with honey and dill. 9.25 

Spinach, Wheat crisps, potato, yoghurt and tamarind pulp.  6.75

Artichoke , Parsnip and Broccoli  tikki.  6.75


Corn Fed Chicken in fenugreek, paprika and yoghurt  jus.  13.75

Venison spiced and simmered in wine and red chilli sauce.  16.50

Welsh Lamb curried with bell pepper and tamarind. 14.75

Barbecued King Prawn on coriander and green mango.  16.50

King Fish (mild) in Kerala style  molly(coconut and lime leaves) sauce. 14.75


King Fish ( Medium hot) in fish tamarind and kasmiri chilli sauce. 14.75 

Masala Dosa ( lightly spiced potato stuffed rice crepe)  coconut chutney, sambar.  12.75

Okra and mushroom in perfection of kadai spices.  11.50

Romero pepper stuffed with spiced potato, truffle jus 12.75

Biriyany ( Chicken/Lamb) served with sambar and pickle 14.50



Dhal                                                                                                              5.75

Stir fried Cabbage and Carrot with coconut                        5.75

Potato and spinach                                                                              5.75

Raita                                                                                                             2.50 



Pulao Rice                   3.25

Lemon Rice                 3.25

White Rice                  3.00

Kerala Paratha         3.50

Garlic Nan                   3.50

Cheese Nan               3.50

Plain Nan                    3.00